your big day

Weddings are wonderful celebrations. They bring so much joy and happiness. Let’s make your big day truly memorable.

Every wedding is different

I love being a marriage celebrant and I love the buzz that comes with weddings.

I’ve travelled to ceremonies right across the Atherton Tablelands and beyond – from lush rainforests and waterfalls to dry savannah lands. I have conducted ceremonies in venues ranging from formal elegant settings to cosy backyards.

And there are many different ways to celebrate this big day.

You might simply want an elopement with just the two of you and your witnesses, or you might want a small intimate ceremony with a few close friends. Maybe you’re planning a big family event with all the trimmings!

Marriage equality

Love is love – I believe strongly in marriage equality and I rejoice at the change in legislation allowing same-sex marriage.

Every wedding is unique and as different as every couple. I will work with you to make it a fabulous occasion and exactly what you want.

Enjoy the experience

Getting married is a big step and I’ll be there to support you every step of the way. I’ll guide you and help you with all the paperwork. I want you to enjoy the experience and have fun along the way.

You’ll be in your bubble of excitement – sometimes floating, sometimes bouncing. And when the day arrives, your wedding is going to be beautiful.

My Services

My fees include a rehearsal. This really makes a difference – ensuring that things run smoothly on the day. I will also schedule meetings to plan your personalised wedding ceremony with your input.

I will share ideas and examples for you  to consider and put all my energy into creating a script that is perfect for you.

You can rely on me

You can call on me any time during this process with any questions or concerns. I take my professional responsibilities seriously and will make sure all the legal requirements are met.

I have my own PA system so you can rely on all your guests enjoying every moment of your ceremony.

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